Is this all there is to success?

Suppose that you (like a lot of us) have been taught by your parents, teachers, and society, that when you do everything possible to be successful in the world, you will be happy.
And so, you did exactly that, and now you have (finally) become a highly respected and wealthy person, with a huge bank account and all the possessions that you could wish for.

How is it possible then that you feel empty, unfulfilled, lost, and lonely?

You might also be scared to lose all that you have gathered materially again, which you eventually will, at the end of this lifetime.

Maybe in your totally being focused on outer success, you:

  • have missed seeing your children growing up
  • lost the connection with your life partner
  • are having health problems, or
  • have started experiencing problems in your business or career.

No wonder you ask: “Is this all there is to success” or “What is this life all about”?

What’s wrong with having outer success?
Nothing, in my opinion, provided that:

  • you don’t live by other people’s standards
  • you are not completely attached to/dependent on it
  • it doesn’t totally define who you are
  • it doesn’t prevent you from really living.

As young children we knew perfectly what makes us happy
Societal conditioning made us lose the connection with who we truly are.

Everyone is looking for lasting success, happiness, and fulfillment, consciously or not.
If we are completely dependent for it on “outside stuff” like money, position, or status, we are looking in the wrong places.

Then it’s time to redefine our success; to have it all!

I define real success as: living completely on our own terms; as the deliberate creators of a life of real and lasting fulfillment.

My Core Aligned Success Coaching Program is designed to help my clients find their true power again, to redesign this life on their terms; a life of true connection, purpose and meaning.


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Copyright © 2021-2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021-2023. All rights reserved.