What color is a fulfilled life?



If success doesn’t necessarily bring us happiness (see previous article: https://gerritweerdmeester.com/success-is-not-the-key-to-happiness/) or fulfillment, what then does?

“ What color is your parachute” is a classic self-help book, written by Richard Nelson Bolles (with more than 10 million copies sold), for pursuing a successful career.

Even if we have succeeded in creating a career that matches our interests and abilities, we will not by definition have a happy and fulfilled life.

So, what then brings us such a life, or: “What color is a fulfilled life”? (As William A. Schiemann called it in: Success, September 8th, 2021)

Is it:

  • Living up to our potential or becoming all we can be, and if so what does this mean?
  • Have purpose and meaning in our life?
  • Have a life plan?
  • Leading a balanced life (career, relationships, family, education, health, hobbies, religion, or spirituality)?
  • Being able to adapt to changing circumstances?
  • Taking care of our bodies?
  • Live a life of service to others; enabling them to become successful and fulfilled?

Real success and fulfillment mean something different for each one of us.

The question that remains is: how do we attain/reach what we want?

If what we create or have created in our lives is the result of our (present- or past) thoughts and feelings, then the key to being a deliberate creator of the life that we really want is getting full control over what we think and feel. Isn’t it?

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Copyright © 2021-2023. All rights reserved.