Marianne Williamson’s Morning Meditations

January 16, 2022by Gerrit Weerdmeester0

Since I saw Marianne’s “A return to love” (of which Oprah Winfrey said: “I have never been more moved by a book than I am by this one) in a New York book store many years ago, I have been impressed by the work she is doing in the personal development field.

The passage that follows is the text of one of her (free) daily meditations, to which you can subscribe.

Anton Petrus

I will not resist my growth today.

How often it seems easier to resist the call of a greater becoming, remaining within the dark cocoon of a self that has settled for good enough. I choose not to remain at mere “good” today, but rather I will answer the call to greatness.

Not every lesson feels fun while it’s happening, and at times I have resisted growth fiercely. But I remain open today to the miracle of transformation. I know that as I move forward into a new realm of being, Love itself will aid me in my progress. Spirit will erase the patterns of fear that have sabotaged my past.

Dear God,
Overcome the fear that would keep me bound,
And deliver me to the highest heights.
I am ready and willing to forge ahead.
I know that You alone
Can unbind my feet.
Thank you, God.

I will not resist my growth today.

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