Lester Levenson on how taking full responsibility can free us

“You are responsible for everything that you feel. They are your feelings; they are your thoughts. You turn them on; you think them, and no one else but you do it — and you act as though you have no control! You turn a faucet that flows on your head and you say, “Oh, someone is getting me all wet.” It’s you who’s turning on the faucet and getting yourself wet.

So, your direction should be taking full responsibility for what’s happening to you. Then you’ll see by looking in the direction of “I am doing this,” that you are! Then, when you see that you’re torturing yourself, you’ll say, “My gosh, how stupid can I be?” And you’ll stop. Instead of torturing yourself, you’ll make happy.


Levenson, Lester. Wisdom by Lester: Lester Levenson’s Teachings with Introduction and Commentary by Yuri Spilny (pp. 166)

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Copyright © 2021-2023. All rights reserved.